8 Little Known Termite Facts

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8 Little Known Termite Facts

By admin  |  September 24, 2017  

The word “termites” causes people to tremble convulsively and drown in a pool of stress. We are all
aware of how dangerous termites can prove to be for our house and other property. If you are
facing a termite infestation, its eradication is indispensible. But so is being updated about termites
and their nature in order to prevent them from damaging our property. When an infestation is
spotted, most people consider hiring professionals that take care of it. There are many termite
control services spread over Mumbai & Thane that offer top-notch treatment plans.

Let’s have a peek into some little known facts about termites:

1. Early Residents:
Termites are early residents of the Earth. They are present since the age of dinosaurs and the
sole reason they aren’t extinct yet is because they dwell underground.
2. High Protein Bearers:
Certain amount of people around the world include termites in their diet as they bear protein
content in high quantities. It is said that termite protein is richer than the one obtained from beef.
3. Advantageous & Beneficial:
Termites are ecologically beneficial as they have a tendency to munch on plant fibers, decaying
trees, etc. They also benefit the soil as it gets aerated with their presence.
4. Trophallaxis:
Termites need bacteria in their gut to digest all the wood they feast on and getting an adequate
supply of microorganisms is pivotal. This process is known as trophallaxis.

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5. Their Unusual nature:
Since the worker & soldier termites spend their entire life in dark and damp spaces, they aren’t
gifted with the ability to see. Moreover, when they detect possible threat to the colony, they send
vibrations as warning signals by banging their heads against the gallery walls.
6. Ability to fly:
Young kings & queens possess the ability to fly. They make use of it to look for a mate, break off
their wings and settle down in a new place where they start raising their offspring.

7. Tidiness:
Even though termites spend their entire life in dirt, they are disciplined when it comes to
cleanliness and invest time in grooming themselves as it helps keep parasites in control.
8. Reproduction:
A termite queen is capable of laying up to 40,000 eggs in a day and has a life span of 15 to 25 years.

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8 Little Known Termite Facts

On September 24, 2017

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