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Roaches are among the most common pests found in many homes and other buildings. They dwell in dark areas and fancy humidity. They are considered hazardous as they have the capacity to contaminate foodby caring germs and spreading diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. Cockroaches are relatively primitive, having three stages in their life cycle: egg, nymph and adult. There are roughly 4,000 species of roaches that can be found.

Cockroaches usually live in groups and are active at night; in the daytime they hide in cracks and crevices of walls, door frames and furniture etc. The presence of several sizes of nymphs is an indication of a well established colony. Infestations can be detected by searching behind skirtingboards, boxes, furniture and other common hiding places. Cockroaches mainly prefer starchy materials and nibble on sugary food items. The key to controlling these pests is cleanliness and that is exactly what our services offer.

We make use of specialized gel baiting technique and make sure that the problem is solved at the root instead of just taking care of it at the surface. Cockroaches consume the gel and go back to their hideout where they eventually die. Other cockroaches eat the poisoned roaches thus killing the entire colony. This process takes approximately 3 weeks to show relevant effect. Boric acid is the strongest weapon which is used to eliminate the clan of roaches from every nook and corner.

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