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In most localities and public areas, the mosquito populationis menacing throughout the year and is a recurrent problem in houses and offices. There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes that are found extensively. Breeding freely in highly contaminated water, Mosquitoes transmit diseases such as malaria, filariasis, dengue, Chikungunya etc. Residing in a place where there is a mosquito infestation can prove to be fatal to you and your family. While mosquitoes feed on human blood, the female mosquito depends on it more because the blood acts as aprotein source which is crucial for her to lay eggs. Another aspect that is mandatory for the eggs to hatch into larvae is water. Mosquitoes breed to their fullest in the water that is gathered in water tanks, overhear tanks, rain water that is accumulated in tarpaulin, tyres& water wells.In order to live in a disease free environment, it is vital to obliterate them.

We are here to offer you the best of services to guarantee that your family stays protected and does not fall prey to mosquito-borne diseases. The services that we have to provide include inspection & identification, fogging treatment, spraying treatment.

In the inspection & identification process, we scrutinize the cause and source of the problem. Once it is identified, a thorough procedure is carried out to eradicate the problem so that it does not arise again. The fundamental measure that has to be taken is locating the source i.e, the water body and injecting it with advanced chemicals thus eliminating the community. The next step we take is fogging for immediate relief against mosquitoes. The fogging treatment is done using chemical pesticides and its frequency is decided upon the infected area and the intensity of the problem. It is generally done in outdoor areas such as grounds, fields, gardens, compounds etc. where there is a greater infestation. The pesticides used are completely innocuous to human beings, people with allergies and to pets. In houses where one can find a severe infestation, spraying treatment can be implemented. This includes spraying a colourless and odourlessinsecticide on the walls, curtains and window frames so when the mosquitoes come in contact with it, they perish instantly. Just like fogging treatment, this is totally harmless to other living beings and has proven effective.

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