Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs

An adult bed bug is brown in colour, 1.2 to 1.3 cm long with a flat & round shape. You can immediately notice if the bed bug has been feeding, as its size changes- it becomes more elongated & swollen and the colour too changes from brown to dull red. You can spot them in all kinds of residences- from the most luxurious to the most modest house. Bed bugs normally hitchhike into our homes in bundles of laundry, from movie halls, hotel rooms, public transportation etc. They do not possess the ability to fly but their preferred modes of transport are walls, pipes, drains, sewages etc.


Bed bugs are known to reside in cracks & crevices where either your beds join together or where your bags touch the end of the walls. These are places where the female bed bug lays her eggs. Bed bugs thrive on human blood and their bites cause severe itching to a whole new level. Beg bugs are light shy and we can rarely spot them during daytime or when the lights are turned on. Their hiding places are close to their source that is human beings. They attack the unexposed areas like stomach, thighs, back etc. Their bites are not diagnosed immediately but we feel the irritation & swelling increase as the week proceeds.

One can detect shreds of evidence of a bed bug infestation by looking at signs such as black or brown spots on the mattresses, surfaces, walls etc. These stains are of digested blood. Another sign will be an obnoxious odor inside the infected room. Bed bugs are not known to carry diseases but are certainly repelling as they are known to spoil mattresses, sheets, linens etc.

Control Measures:

The control measures for bed bugs include blanket sprays with odorless pesticides for the places that are infested as well as their hiding spots. Bed bugs control normally takes 2 or more services to completely get rid of them. We offer these services with the utmost level of dedication and promptness.

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