House Flies

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House Flies

Houseflies are the most widely distributed insects & they constitute around 98% of the flies that invade our homes. They are insanely annoying insects who accompany us everywhere we go. Flies do more than just be around us, they do not bite or sting but are considered to be the filthiest of insects & their presence creates a nuisance everywhere.

Habits & Damage

The gray coloured adult fly is quiet large in size having four narrow black stripes on the thorax. The breeding time for flies is during spring and summer and it takes only a single fly to produce around 600 to 900 eggs in a season which turn into adult flies in merely 10 to 12 days. They lay their eggs in a warm and cozy environment with sufficient supply of food. They become the most active during August and September. They prefer corners & edges to rest on during the day and are generally found in abundance around plants in marshy areas, in fields, on fence wires, garbage cans etc. During the night, they like to stay near food. They feast on anything from garbage, manure to leftover food on our table. Their feet have sticky pads which carry a lot of germs and transmit them to anything & everything they sit on, contaminating the surroundings and spreading deadly diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery, Diarrhea and even Infantile Paralysis.

Control Measures

The most important control measure is identification of the infestation. The possible inlets such as torn screens or damaged/ broken windows should be identified effectively to make sure they do not enter the house again. After the initial identification process, the proper use of pesticide sprays on breeding places holds utmost importance to eradicate them from the root. Thermal Fogging is another method that is used for the elimination of adult flies & the frequency of these treatments depends on the severity of the issue.

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