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Mosquitoes are meant to inflict itching bites and cause sleepless nights. Diseases like Malaria, Elephantiasis, yellow fever & dengue fever are infected by them. The most common man biting mosquitoes that we have to deal with in India are Anopheles, Culex and Aedes.

Habits & Damage

Culex Mosquitoes dwell in cities, rural areas and farms where there is thick vegetation & damp marshy areas. It is grayish black in colour with a soft texture and lays its eggs on still waters like pools, ponds, rain-filled containers etc. The Anopheles mosquitoes breed in & invade places neighboring marshy areas, sewers, grassy ditches etc. This species is frailer and more faded in colour & is the most active during twilight. Both these mosquitoes rest with their bodies at an angle to the surface. The Aedes breed is also called the tiger mosquito because of the black & silver markings on its thorax & legs. Unlike the Culex & Anopheles, they are active and bite only during the day. Eggs are laid by the female mosquito in moist places or where there is a possibility of it getting flooded & interestingly enough, the eggs can remain alive even when those places dry out.

The short of it is that, mosquitoes are those vicious blood-sucking insects whose bites cause immense irritation, swelling of the bruised parts & sleepless nights. Mosquitoes are considered to be savage vectors.

Control Measures

As mosquitoes breed in stagnated water, the most effective control measure is the spraying of chemicals to kill the larvae. Another method is Thermal Fogging which can immediately eradicate all the adult mosquitoes inhabiting that area.

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