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Rats and Mice aka rodents are the most destructive animals known to harm the human being. They cause a huge amount of loss to man- be it food, grains, any and all edible items or bed sheets. There are typically 4 different types of Rats that are found in the Indian Houses. The black rat which is greyish black in colour, it is normally found on roofs of buildings and houses. Roof rats have large ears and run very quickly. They eat anything and everything visible to them right from food supplies to wires & pipes. Next, comes the Norway rat which is more fierce than the black rat, this is the rat that is normally found in houses. It survives on kitchen waste & garbage. They have a long life expectancy as they multiply quite quickly. The house mouse is another kind of a rat which is found in the houses in cities as well as countries, but it can even be found in hilly areas and mountain regions. They chew on everything from furniture to fabric, papers, cardboards, sheets, bottles etc. The Indian Mole rat resides especially in fields & gardens; they normally live in a burrow with freshly dug earth. They eat food, grains, vegetables, grass, crops etc. and cause a huge amount of loss to the farmers.


Because they eat all types of food, grains etc. they spoil much more than what they consume. Their droppings are a major cause of contamination; if 100 rodents produce over 2 million droppings in a year, imagine the amount of contamination they produce worldwide. Rats destroy everything from clothes, books, carpets, sheets, furniture, doors, windows etc. They even cause sinking of floors & walls through their burrows and also damage electrical wiring. The main concern of all, their spread deadly diseases like the plague which are very harmful to humans.

Control Measures:

Poison is bated and mechanical traps are installed in the infested areas & regular supervision is provided for effective control.

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