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Termites are commonly known as white ants & they are well known for causing massive amount of damage to furniture, wooden structures, buildings, bridges, books, papers, crops etc. The amount that is spent for their damage control is extensively high. Termite infestation can take less than a month or more than a year to show effect. It depends on how much of an infestation is found & the strength of the structures.


There might be instances where you might notice thin long tubes of mud running up the wall. If you inspect them closely, you might be able to see tiny yellowish insects that are called termites. Termites are voracious eaters because they eat anything and everything in sight. These soft-bodied insects thrive on cellulose material such as wood, paper, clothes, animal matter etc. They are known to construct and live in tunnels of soil & wood as they die when directly exposed to dry air. Termites dwell in large colonies and mostly their presence is unknown until the structural damage actually takes place.

We can see two kinds of termites- the ones that inhabit wood causing damage too wooden structures, furniture etc. They make tunnels in these wooden structures making them weak & hollow from the inside and eventually causing them to collapse. The second type are termites that inhabit soils, just like their relative species; they make tunnels in grounds damaging the vegetable, crops etc. They spoil the fruits & vegetables by damaging them right from the core by tunneling through them.

Control Measures:

We provide pre-construction treatment inside the soil before the construction of the plinth. In post-construction treatment, we include drilling of holes in walls near the flooring junctions and filling white cement into them after spraying germicide in it. We also remove mud tubes threat in the site which might have started.

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