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cockroach control mumbai

Roaches are among the most common pests found in many homes and other buildings. They dwell in dark areas and … Continue reading “Cockroaches”


Rat control mumbai

Rats are the most detrimental pests found chiefly in unsanitary conditions. They are highly responsible for the transmission of many … Continue reading “Rats”

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug infestation is a rising epidemic and is quickly becoming a major health problem. Bed bugs are blood-feeding human … Continue reading “Bed Bugs”


termite control mumbai

Termites are wood destroying insects that are a concern in any home with a wooden structure or components. Failure to … Continue reading “Termites”


Mosquitoes Control mumbai

In most localities and public areas, the mosquito populationis menacing throughout the year and is a recurrent problem in houses … Continue reading “Mosquitoes”

House Flies

National Pest Control is an industry leader in providing high quality pest control service to all types of business and … Continue reading “House Flies”

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